Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)


  • To develop pupils’ cultural capital by giving pupils the information they require to gain a knowledge of the wider world.
  • To develop pupils’ awe and wonder experiences.
  • To ensure all pupils have the skills and understanding to work as part of a team.
  • Our children will learn about the multicultural world in which we live.
  • We will learn to accept, respect and celebrate our differences.
  • Pupils will learn all about their local and wider community in order to help make a change to the world in preparation for later life.
  • Pupils will have a good understanding of British values and what it means to be British.
  • All pupils will be taught and progressed
  • Aspirations of future careers.
  • To have a good understanding of positive relationships (including RSE).
  • Children will have an understanding of different families.
  • Children will have a good understanding of how to keep themselves healthy both physically and mentally.


  • As a school, we have a strong long-term plan that caters for the needs of all pupils within our school.
  • Weekly PSHE sessions
  • Visits and visitors to school
  • We provide all pupils with opportunities to take a step back and appreciate life (awe) and ask questions that we can discuss as a school (wonder).
  • Subject specific vocabulary.
  • Opportunities for children to reflect on and express their views and opinions
  • Opportunities to develop children’s social, emotional and mental health through trained staff and individualised interventions.
  • Many opportunities for exploring British Values – for example involvement in interviews, school improvement groups, questionnaires.
  • Archbishop of York, Young Leaders’ Award
  • Staff members trained in mental health first aid for children and adults


  • Pupils will be confident and resilient learners.
  • Pupils will be able to articulate about staying healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Pupils will have a rich vocabulary and vast subject knowledge.
  • Pupils will be prepared for the next step in their lives and have a knowledge of opportunities after school life.
  • Pupils to be able to articulate their feelings and understand feelings of others.
  • Pupils will make strong relationships and understand what a ‘positive’ relationship is.
  • Pupils will have good communication and listening skills to maintain positive relationships.

PSHE Progression Map


  • PSHE Association
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • RSE curriculum
  • Archbishop of York Young Leaders

Here are some of the following things our school has done to enhance our PSHE curriculum:

Hear what our children have to say about PSHE:

‘’ We learn how to stay safe in and out of school, we learn to look after ourselves and the people who keep us safe, illegal/legal drugs and how to cope with bullying.’’ – Year 5 pupil

‘’ I like PSHE because it helps me for my future as I will know how to be safe.’’ – Year 3 pupil