Parent / Pupil Views

What our parents have said about the school…

“It all works very well for my children, their needs are always met.”

“It meets individual child’s needs and respond to their interest.”

“It is a fantastic school – there are no negatives.”

“My child has come on so well since starting here.”

“It has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.”

“I get good feedback on my child’s progress.”

“I like the strong connection and opportunities created by federating with Terrington School.”

“Foston and Terrington work well together – all staff are hardworking and use their expertise across the federation.”

“The creative curriculum encourages children to be independent learners.”

“The children respect each other.”

“The staff are welcoming and approachable.”

“The nursery provision introduces and prepares children for their journey into reception and beyond.”

“Each individual child’s interest and style of learning is taken into account – rather than a one size fits all approach.”

“Children are always interested and engaged.”

“I love the small village school and that all age groups play together.”

“The Friday sessions are a fantastic idea – making learning lots of fun.”

“Excellent communication – the school have a good rapport with parents and pupils.”

“My child has become very confident since being at Foston School.”

“The teachers and teaching assistants are outstanding and add much value to both my children’s lives!”

What the children at our school have said about it…

“I like Foston School, because it is small, with not too many people.”

“This school is really friendly!”

“The teachers here are really nice and help up lots.”

“Our school has lots of people that are kind!”

“We make lot of things and the teachers display our work, which I like.”

“I like it when we make things, or act out history lessons, it helps me remember what we are learning.”

“We learn lots of interesting things at school.”

“We go on residential trips in the Summer, and they are really cool!”