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Admissions Policy

Allergy Awareness Policy 2022

Allergens policy-2022

Anti-Bullying Policy – FTS 2022

Attendance Policy 2023 FST

Behaviour Policy FTS 2022

Charging and Remissions Policy

Collecting children from school Policy

Collective Worship Policy

FST – Complaints Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Equalities policy Foston

Exclusion Policy

First Aid Policy

Local Learning Area

Looked After and Previously Looked After Children Policy 2023

Managing Serial & Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Medical policy-FTS 2022

Marking and Feedback Policy

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Online safety policy

Parents Code of Conduct Policy

Privacy Notice Coronavirus COVID-19-Pupils parents Staff

Religious Education  Policy

FST – RSE Policy

FST – Child Protection manual

FST – Child Protection Policy

Self-Harm Policy

SEND policy

SEND information report

Serial Complainants Policy – Jan 2023

SMSC Policy

Social Media Statement

Statement of behaviour principles

Suicide Ideation Policy

Supporting Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School

Suspension & Exclusion Policy

Suspension or removal of governor procedure  2023

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Wrap Around Care Extra-Curricular Policy

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GDPR – Acceptable Use Policy 2023

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GDPR – Information Security Policy

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