Learning About A Career In English



  • We want children to have a vivid imagination and enjoy all aspects of English.
  • Highly developed vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, phonics and spelling.
  • Excellent knowledge of techniques involved in reading, writing and communicating.
  • An appreciation of the entertainment values of written work.
  • A varied and rich reading experience across a range of contexts that develops a love of reading.
  • Fluency and accuracy in reading and comprehension.
  • An exceptional talent for listening and responding.
  • Highly developed ability to tell stories that capture the interests and imagination.
  • Confidence to share their ideas and a respect for others opinions.
  • Pride in their work and strive for excellence in presentation.


  • We use a variety of long term texts to link to our carefully planned and tailored curriculum.
  • Planning differentiated by year group in our mixed age classes
  • Purposeful opportunities for reading and writing.
  • Specific vocabulary teaching.
  • Cross curricular consolidation and links with all subjects.
  • Streamed phonics and grammar small group teaching.
  • Involvement of specialist drama tuition.
  • Drama production.



  • CLPE planning used a basis for English planning across school.
  • LCP Phonics based on letters and sounds.
  • Spelling Shed.


  • All children make good or better progress.
  • Confident, resilient learners.
  • An understanding and tolerance of diversity in our community and the world.
  • Rich vocabulary and strong understanding of the English language.
  • Children have a love of reading and writing for a purpose, they are fluent readers who seek out different genre of books.
  • Children understand the benefits of English and maths in other areas and are ready for the next stage of their education.